Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, Sept. 24, 2001

City pursues more land along the highway for bank development

By Lynda Jensen

Howard Lake's pursuit of land along Highway 12 for a potential new bank development highlighted discussion at the Howard Lake City Council Tuesday.

Previously, the city purchased nearly all of the five lots between Bergie's and Milo's restaurant, known as block 16, situated on the south side of Highway 12.

The city turned its attention to lots owned by Allan and Donna Munson on block 17, which is where Donna's Salon is located between the Howard Lake Ridgeview Clinic and Milo's Restaurant.

The city recently purchased Milo's, which takes up half a lot on block 17.

Council members discussed negotiations with the Munsons, who are asking $145,000 for the land.

"My feeling is that this price is in line for a larger lot," Councilor Shelly Reddemann said.

Mayor Gerry Smith noted that when the city bought Milo's, it essentially purchased the business, for the price.

Reddemann noted that the Munsons are much like David and Michelle DuChaine, in the respect that they don't want to leave, he said.

Smith said he didn't want tax rates to go up as a result of the city's real estate activity.

Following discussion, it was decided to counter offer the Munsons $140,000 for their land.

The last step in the development along those blocks is the purchase of a lot from Jim and Tom Peterson of Lakes Realty. This should not be an issue, Smith said.

In a related issue, the council discussed a request from the Lions to use one of the houses purchased by the city on block 16 as a haunted house.

It was decided to deny the request because the timing would throw off planned demolition of the property.

"It would sure be nice to see everything gone and cleared up before it freezes," commented Reddemann.

The city is already preparing for demolition there now, and the schedule for asbestos removal would be tricky to get around by the time that Halloween arrives, Administrator Doug Borglund said.

The council also discussed in detail the newly formed park commission, deciding to repeal and reformulate the composition of the commission at its next meeting.

Smith indicated that he wanted 100 percent approval of the commission's creation and felt that it was not fully discussed at the last meeting.

To make sure that everyone's concerns were addressed, the subject was re-opened.

Councilors again discussed the commission much the same as before, with a few changes.

Another student representative was added to the commission's number, making the total members seven instead of six.

Mike Mitchell of the Orphans baseball team is interested in being on the commission, which council members took as a good sign.

The role of volunteer organizations such as the Orphans and Lions was discussed, with few changes being made about the purpose of the commission.

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