Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, Nov. 26, 2001

Repair bill complicates land swap for HL council

By Lynda Jensen

The final piece of a bank development planned along Highway 12 was discussed during the Howard Lake Council meeting Tuesday.

The city has been buying lots on blocks 16 and 17, located between Bergie's and Gerry's SuperValu, to make way for a proposed Security State Bank and expanded medical clinic development.

Realtor Jim Peterson, who owns the last two lots and a house on block 16, along with his brother, Tom, attended the meeting.

Peterson discussed a number of repairs needed for the building the Petersons wish to swap for - the current Ridgeview Clinic building.

The clinic will be given a transferable rental agreement to continue its service to the community, when the sale occurs.

Problems listed in a report given by Peterson included holes in the roof, problems with siding, and other things.

It was noted that both properties, one commercial and the other rental residential property, are income-producing parcels.

Both parties indicated a desire to work together for a deal, but several members of the council admitted having sticker shock over the amount of repairs.

Councilor Shelly Reddemann suggested moving away from the land swap deal, and setting an asking price for each property.

The issue was tabled until the Tuesday, Dec. 4 council meeting.

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