Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, Dec. 10, 2001

HL land swap falls through, city files for eminent domain

By Lynda Jensen

A land swap deal fell through Tuesday at the Howard Lake City Council meeting, following talks between the city and owners of the last lot located at block 16 on the south side of Highway 12 in Howard Lake.

The lot represents the final portion of a proposed Security State Bank and expanded medical clinic development planned by the city.

During the past year, the city has been buying lots on blocks 16 and 17, located between Bergie's and Gerry's Super Valu, to make way for the development.

The city filed eminent domain proceedings against two lots owned by brothers Tom and Jim Peterson. One lot contains a house, which is just east of Bergie's.

Previously, Jim Peterson discussed a number of repairs needed for the current Ridgeview Clinic building, which is the building that the city wanted to swap for the two lots.

Peterson listed problems with the building, including holes in the roof, problems with siding, and other things, in a report. The repairs were estimated at between $22,000 and $28,000. The city did not received a copy of the report, Borglund said.

"The clinic is off the table for good," Administrator Doug Borglund said. However, negotiations are still in progress, he said.

Mayor Gerry Smith indicated the next offer given to the brothers would be the final one given by the city.

With that, the city renewed the lease for the medical clinic with a clause to allow transfer in ownership.

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