Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, July 9, 2001

Moved houses may be stored by Silver Lake

By Gail Lipe

The McLeod County Planning Advisory Commission approved a conditional use permit (CUP) for houses that are being moved to be stored on the north side of Highway 7, west of County Road 16 in Section 33 of Hale Township, at its meeting last week.

William Otting, a house mover by occupation, applied for the CUP for commercial use of the property, which is in an urban expansion district.

According to Larry Gasow, McLeod County zoning administrator, Otting moves most of his homes out of the metro area. He wants to bring them to the location near Highway 7 for storage until lots are found. The original application was for the storage of eight houses.

Gasow said the planning commission approved the CUP with two conditions - only four homes can be stored there for 120 days with a review in one year and screening and fencing would have to be installed.

The recommendation of approval will be sent on to the McLeod County Board of Commissioners.

In other business, the planning commission heard a plan for installing six more communications towers in McLeod County from American Towers. The towers would provide full coverage for cell phones and emergency communications.

The towers would be installed along Highway 212, Highway 15 and Highway 7, and could be done in phases as they are needed or all at one time.

The towers would be taller than existing towers, and would hold up to six antennas for co-locating.

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