Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, April 23, 2001

Highway 12 construction to begin May 14

By Lynda Jensen

Highway 12 construction is expected to go into full swing Monday, May 14, when road weight restrictions are lifted by the state, according to information presented at the Howard Lake City Council meeting Tuesday.

"The contractors are ready to go," following the long winter, DeWolf commented.

There will be weekly public meetings hosted by MnDOT to address any issues related to construction 2:30 p.m., in the Waverly Village Hall, starting May 8.

These meetings will eventually be moved to the Howard Lake Community Center when the serious work begins, about July 2, DeWolf said.

Contractors will meet at 1 p.m. before the public meeting every Tuesday, but this meeting is not open to the public.

Council members discussed final details about the work, including the fact that Good Neighbor Days will take place without interference from the immediate construction.

City Engineer Brad DeWolf confirmed that contractors agreed to delay ripping the road up on the Howard Lake main street portion of Highway 12 until July 2. The road between Waverly and Howard Lake will be ripped up though, DeWolf noted.

The crossing at County Road 7 and Highway 12 will be under construction the first or second week in May, DeWolf said. The railroad is expected to take two days to install the new crossing at County Road 7, he said. It should be a quick operation because Burlington Northern has trouble re-routing trains, he said.

The final paving of Co. Road 7 should be completed after May 14.

Proposed timetable for reconstruction of Highway 12


Start prep work in Waverly, as well as the area between Waverly and Howard Lake. Utility work is scheduled in Howard Lake. This should not cause traffic interference, said Tony Hughes, project engineer for MnDOT.

May 14

Close down road between Montrose and Howard Lake, but downtown Howard Lake will still be open. Detour is via County Road 110, County Road 30 and County Road 6, Hughes said. The railroad crossing at County Road 7 in Howard Lake will be also done.

July 2

The City of Howard Lake will be closed off, with the detour via County Road 110, County Road 30 and County Road 6.

Nov. 1

Complete project within the city of Howard Lake.

Source: the Howard Lake Business Association, as updated by MnDOT.

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