Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, March 19, 2001

What's new at HL library? Much more than just books

By Lynda Jensen

When most people think about the library, "books" come to mind. But how about the Internet? Audio tapes? CDs? Movies?

"The amount of resources is phenomenal," commented Barb Peterson, who is also "new" to the library, as the newly hired librarian.

Peterson lives in Dassel, with her husband, Doug, who owns an auto repair business along Highway 12 called CedarRidge Specialties.

Of course, she loved books as a girl, she said. Her favorite authors are Sidney Sheldon and Harvey McKay.

Peterson was born in Buffalo and grew up on a farm, east of Waverly.

Resource-wise, the library is keeping up with the times, she said.

Library books can be renewed or put on hold over the Internet - in fact, computer users can search the library's contents right inside the comfort of their homes over the Internet.

The Web site is

No computer or Internet access? No problem. There is a computer with Internet access available for public use for research, Peterson said.

These resources join the usual palette of offerings at the library, including a generous selection of large-print books for seniors, who might also be interested in the audio tapes, she said.

"It's not confined to what's inside of these walls," either, Peterson added, pointing out that the library is part of a network of 32 other libraries in the Great River Regional Library system. There is a two to three day wait for items ordered, but the amount of books available and other items is virtually endless, she said.

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