Howard Lake-Waverly Herald & Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal

August 2001 stories

August 27

Petition saves railroad park from dismemberment - for now

Triple T Race Products moves to industrial park

HLWW forms committee to oversee possible consolidation

LP plans what to look at; referendum also possible

HL City unveils conceptual design for bank development

Task force seeks to protect women from Internet crime

Winsted residents hit Xcel Energy with complaints at council meeting

August 20

Milo's closes its doors after 12 years of serving patrons

Starlust lights up Summer Festival stage

Kubasch Sanitation sold to Waste Management

Petition of 189 signatures calls to save railroad park

After construction dust settles, Waverly will be looking good

LP queen going to Aquatennial

Wright County Board haggles over HL water tower issue

August 13

Tempers flare as property owners discuss value of lots

Tri-Valley Conference to begin final year

Drugs found in car search in LP

HLWW school location is part of discussion for Waverly's future

Winsted residents complain of power outages

Long-time highway engineer hits the road

Wright board tangles over repair bill

August 6

New HL patrol car totaled, but officer unhurt

Local schools happy with MCA test scores

Holy Trinity youth on a mission

Budget talks begin for the LP city council

Development going full force in Howard Lake

Farewell from outgoing Winsted royalty

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