Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, Jan. 15, 2001

Pastor Repinski to semi-retire, serve Montrose flock 2/3 time

By Lynda Jensen

For Pastor Marvin Repinski, it's not "goodbye," but "until we meet again" to friends in Howard Lake.

The familiar pastor of United Walker Methodist Church said farewell to friends and his church family Jan. 1 to serve the Montrose Methodist church.

Repinski moved with his wife, Becky, from the Howard Lake parsonage to Buffalo this month.

His service to Montrose will be two-thirds time, which is what it was before, but the remainder was spent serving the Howard Lake church. This will allow him to semi-retire, Repinski said.

The move will cause the Howard Lake and Montrose churches to each have their own pastor, where it once was a shared role.

Walker church in Howard Lake will now be trying to permanently fill a position for its church.

The vacancy will be temporarily filled by another familiar person to the Howard Lake community, Pastor Debra Clausen.

Clausen served the Walker church before Repinski. She expects to serve for six months while the congregation searches for a new pastor, she said.

"It's like coming home - being with my friends and family," Clausen said.

Clausen spent a few years in Chaska serving there, she said. She commuted to Le Center, which was a 50 mile drive. She took a leave of absence until June.

Clausen lives in Brownton and will commute to serve the Howard Lake church.

Although the Repinskis will be farther away, Marv Repinski won't break ties completely from his former life.

He will most likely continue to attend the Howard Lake Business Association, which he enjoys a great deal, he said.

Some may remember Repinski as a volunteer at Good Neighbor Days and the county fair.

Being a volunteer is the single most important thing in someone's life, Repinski said.

"Since my Sunday school days, I've known no time in my life when I wasn't a volunteer," he said.

Repinski served in Howard Lake for more than five years.

In the past, Repinski has been connected with helping the family of Katie Poirier. Poirier is the Moose Lake convenience store clerk who was abducted and found strangled to death.

Repinski baptized Katie Poirier 20 years ago. He is a longtime friend of Katie's parents, Steve and Pam Poirier.

Those who want to stay in touch with the Repinskis may contact them via email at:

Those interested in contacting Clausen may email her at

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