Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, Sept. 10, 2001

Road improvements at west edge of Winsted discussed

By Patrice Waldron

A workshop concerning the proposed road improvements on Main Avenue West and Grass Lake Roads in Winsted took place Tuesday.

Residents whose properties border the roads and those who would be affected by the changes were sent letters inviting them to the workshop.

About 15 residents were on hand to voice their concerns and have questions answered by the city council.

Cost estimates for each property owner were also available at the meeting.

When the questions turned to money, Mayor Don Guggemos pointed out that the city can not assess anyone in the township.

Improvements to the road would be done on Main Avenue West, which is in the city limits, and would continue onto Grass Land Road, which is part of Winsted Township.

Gene Ochu had a number of questions for the council.

Ochu asked when improvements were last made to the road, stating that the road was over 70 years old because he worked on it.

"I've never seen it bad yet,"Ochu said.

It was suggested to ask the McLeod County if it would get involved with the improvement of the two roads.

Guggemos suggested that there are several options available:

· blade the road to keep the driving surface as good as it can be;

· do nothing; or

· increase the gravel bed to create a better, passable surface. Increasing the gravel on the bed should also decrease the washboard.

One option suggested by the audience was to get a quote for the cost of fixing Main Ave. W. only up to Grass Lake Road, but leave Grass Lake Road alone.

Guggemos explained that the contractor on the current County Road 1 project is very reputable, and that he personally trusts the judgement and workmanship of those at Wm. Mueller and Sons.

"Sometimes with low cost jobs, that don't cost a couple million dollars, you won't even get reputable contractors to bid," Guggemos said.

The meeting concluded with the idea that more cost estimates will be gathered, including a quote for improvements on Main Avenue only.

It was suggested that another meeting take place, with the reminder from Guggemos that, the city council almost always elects to go with the option that is best for the most people, and what is best for the city.

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