Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, Sept. 3, 2001

An interview with Tim Rushlow

By Ryan Gueningsman

This interview was originally conducted following Rushlow's Winstock performance in June. Rushlow recently called to tell me what he's been up to since Winstock.

The title of former Little Texas lead singer Tim Rushlow's latest single is "Crazy Life," ­ and that is not far off from what he is going through right now.

Following the hit single, "She Misses Him," his record label, Atlantic Records Nashville, closed its doors and he was left with an album full of potential but no one to promote it. Some artists might think that is the worst thing that could happen. Not Rushlow.

Working with the former Atlantic promotions department, Rushlow, and his management, formed Scream Records. They are currently working on re-releasing his CD and sending out copies of his latest single to radio stations across the United States.

"We're shipping 30,000 single CDs to the stores in two weeks, and we're going to be shipping 50 or 60 thousand new albums - the same album, just new artwork, and a few more songs," said Rushlow.

"It's been a wild ride right now. Atlantic closed its doors the week after I came out of the top 10 (with "She Misses Him") from 8 weeks straight. We were geared up to go to the Academy of Country Music Awards and I got this phone call saying 'Hey ­ Atlantic is closed.' It pretty much took the wind right out of me. Then I realized that everything happens for a reason," Rushlow said.

After Atlantic closed, Rushlow had three different record labels interested in picking him up for a contract. However, with the momentum of his first hit song, he needed something that would keep him out there and keep him going while he was strong. The three labels all would have put his album on hold for at least a year while they figured out how to best promote it.

"They all wanted me to do a deal where they'd re-evaluate my album and put me out there, basically taxi me out on the runway behind everybody else, and there's nothing wrong with that. I understand that mentality of business, but we felt like we had a bunch of stations ready to hop on "Crazy Life." It had already been decided that would be the next single," said Rushlow.

"She Misses Him" did so well, my album just hit the stores, then the label closed, so we felt to wait a year and a half, we thought that would be sort of sillywhen the interest is there now," said Rushlow.

The interest is certainly there, as Rushlow explained "Crazy Life" is currently in the top 40 on the country music charts and making its way up.

With the formation of the new label, the re-releasing of the album, the shipping of "Crazy Life," plus a constantly full tour schedule, Rushlow knew he'd be in for a lot of work.

"It's just a lot of hard work that I'm more than willing to do, because I truly believe that God put me here to be a singer, an entertainer, and songwriter, and it's what I love to do," said Rushlow.

"There's a fine line between being cocky and confident. We're not cocky - but we are confident. We are going to make it happen. No is not a word that belongs in our vocabulary," said Rushlow.

Another Winstock connection

One song on Rushlow's album is titled "In the Meantime." The song was co-written by Winstock 2000 alumnus Sherrie` Austin, and appears on her latest album, "Followin' A Feelin'."

"When I first heard that song, I was in the studio at the time and they were in the studio next to me. They actually said 'Hey, we got a song we want you to hear.' I'd never been pitched a song by an artist or a writer on the spot. They literally brought their tape into the studio, we listened to it, and we were just like 'Wow, this is great. It tells a story, it's thorough, it's fun, it's got attitude, and we totally wanted to cut it,'" said Rushlow.

"I think she did a great job on her version. It's definitely got her flavor," said Rushlow.

As far as the possibility of a duet, Rushlow said it would be hard because they sing the song in two totally different keys, but it could be done.

"I never really thought about that," said Rushlow. "If she asked me to play it live with her sometime, I'd be happy to. It would be fun."

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