Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, Aug. 20, 2001

Starlust lights up Summer Festival stage

By Ryan Gueningsman

The all-girl band, Starlust, claims to be from a far-off galaxy.

Whether they're from a far-off galaxy, or maybe just a neighboring town, they bring a mystical stage presence and a sound unlike most regional bands of today to their live performances.

Performing at the Winsted Summer Festival Aug. 11, the four girls, who all go by out-of-this-world stage names, drew in a crowd of all ages to enjoy dancing and partying into the night.

Two of the band's members, and sisters, Electra Star on bass and vocals and Spectra Star on lead guitar and vocals, took some time during one of their breaks to explain exactly what Starlust is.

"We're basically making a tribute to the female artists who we grew up listening to, some of the strong female influences in our lives," said Electra.

They played a variety of music, everything from the '70s, '80s, '90s, and today. Some of the more well-noted tunes came from other girl groups and singers including Tiffany, Pat Benatar, The Bangles, Salt 'n' Pepa, and The Go Gos.

"We love to perform. We really feed off the crowd. Our motto is 'Girl Power Pop,' and this is a full-time job for all four of us right now. We all have our college degrees, but we wanted to do what we love," said Electra.

They play mainly in clubs and on the college circuit. They recently had a feature done about them in RIPLFX Magazine, a central Minnesota entertainment magazine, in which they were lucky enough to grace the cover of the August 2001 issue. RIPLFX gave more of a background of the girls stage presence.

"Arriving here from the Starlust Galaxy (can't find that on any map) they have an undertaking by a higher command. The leader of their galaxy, Synergy, has sent them here from the year 2525 to fulfill their musical providence for the population of this earth. The two Star sisters, Spectra and Electra, were later joined by Affinity and Trinity, putting all the pieces in place for the commencement of their training. They're all cultured and groomed their own particular musical expertise and extraordinary powers . . . upon their finishing point, they were sent here to the midwest to begin their journey . . . "

As they begin their journey, their goal right now is to keep playing for the fan base they're building up and the girls hope to have an album of 12 of their own songs out late this year or early in 2002.

"We want to take this as far as possible," said Spectra. "We want it to be more than just a listening experience - we want it to be a visual show; that's why we have the props and everything. We want it to be something the people have never seen before."

For more information on Starlust, check out its new site at

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