Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, Sept. 17, 2001

Sterner Lighting employee waiting to fly home from New York

By Patrice Waldron

Sterner Lighting Systems routinely has people scattered across the country, and John Grunloh of Winsted was only about 30 blocks away, when terrorist planes struck New York Tuesday.

Sterner Lighting has its specialty products shipped worldwide, and has accounts all over the United States.

The company sends field service representatives to various locations in order to service their specialty lighting accounts.

Grunloh, a field service representative, was in New York, making some adjustments to lighting at the MetLife Tower.

"He's safe, and doing all right. He's just trying to get back home," said Larry Biske of Sterner Lighting.

Other Sterner Lighting employees working around the country have been able to rent cars and drive home.

As of Friday, one man arrived home from Denver, Col., two others driving back from Dallas, Texas, and one had started back from Detriot, Mich.

In Dallas, one of Sterner's accounts is the American Airlines Arena, the new home to the Dallas Stars professional hockey team. Sterner also has lighting in the Xcel Energy Center.

There are many lighting requirements for the National Hockey League and the National Basketball Association, geared for making the lighting right for the television cameras, and the photographers.

Field service probably took on a whole new meaning to Grunloh and those in similar situations.

"Grunloh has called several times, and he's just waiting to get home," Biske concluded.

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