Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, Aug. 27, 2001

Triple T Race Products moves to industrial park

By Patrice Waldron

Triple T Race Products is not a new business in Winsted, but it does have a new location.

Since 1994, when Triple T Race Products began, it has been located at 151 2nd Street South.

Gene Fasching, co-owner of Triple T, owned a body shop at that location for 30 years, before selling to Greg Harwood.

Triple T Race Products moved Aug. 1, to its new location in the Winsted Industrial Park.

The shop is well-lit, with storage for tools, ample space between machines, and plenty of room for both small and large projects.

Triple T started during a time when Ted Fasching was touring nationally on the drag racing circuit.

After being around the body shop with his father, Gene, most of his life, Ted could recognize the need for improvement on a particular car part, then design and build a better one.

The business took off when they found a way to make an exhaust header that, instead of lasting a few tries on a drag racing car, would last 100 races.

Although 90 percent of the business is conducted over the phone and for out-of-state customers, they have the capability to meet other needs, too.

The shop makes things such as metal work tables, trailers, truck bumpers, and more.

Scaffolding has been made for Lester's in Lester Prairie, jobs have been completed for Sterner Lighting, and they recently made a CB radio hanger for a customer.

Their motto, "We build quality," can be seen on a sign in the shop.

With their parts on most of the nationally ranked drag racing cars, and the flexibility to design and build much more, this father/son team must be doing something right.

Triple T Race Products is open Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For information, or to find out if they can build a unique metal item to suit your needs, call (320) 485-2447.

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