Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, Dec. 3, 2001

Waverly swells with residential development south of town

By Lynda Jensen

The south side of Waverly will start to look very different in the next few years following a tidal wave of development in that area.

No less than four major plans for residential development are in the works, as well as an industrial park, said Waverly planning and zoning officer Adrian Duske.

These projects include the following:

· The recent annexation of 40.5 acres on the northwest shores of Carrigan Lake. The tentative plans include a townhome development, located close to where the new water tower is proposed.

· Development of the Graham property, which is still in its conceptual stage.

The tentative plans include a residential portion for 175 to 200 lots, and an industrial park, east of Wright County Road 8, Duske said.

· the second phase of Summerfields along Douglas Drive, which will add another 30 lots to the existing Summerfields, starting this spring.

· The Eagle Creek senior housing development, located on approximately an acre of land west of Waverly Community Homes. The land is in the process of being sold by the Economic Development Association to Eagle Creek developments, said Jim Vrchota of the EDA.

All of these projects add up to the largest development movement in the past three or four decades for Waverly, Duske said.

Waverly hosted some development in the 1930s and 1940s, Duske said. "There was small sub division added in the early '60s," Duske commented.

"But nothing of this scope," he said. "Nothing like this comes close."

Previously, not enough land was available, he said.

Waverly planning and zoning has all it can handle now, since it has been busy with previous projects, such as the purchase of large tracts of railroad land, and other projects, Duske said.

Duske emphasized the need to to be judicious about development.

Since Waverly is located along the Highway 12 corridor and is only 40 minutes away from downtown Minneapolis, it is natural for it to become a bedroom community of the Twin Cities, he said.

"I commuted to Louisiana Boulevard for years," he said.

Carrigan Lake

Another residential developments includes Carrigan Lake, which is planned to be operated by an association that would maintain the development. This makes it different than other developments in Waverly, Duske said.

Donnay Homes Development submitted its plan for the townhome development.

"They want to start in the spring," Duske said. Donnay has developed townhomes in other towns such as St. Bonifacious, he added.

Duske's only reservations about Carrigan Lake would be the outside chance that the association would fold for whatever reason, 10 years down the road, Duske said.

In this circumstance, the city would be left holding the bag as far as doing maintenance for the roads there, he said.

These kinds of developments usually favor smaller roads, and cul de sacs, which make them difficult to maintain, Duske said.

It will take three to four years to finish the project, according to a past Waverly planning and zoning report.

Graham property

The residential portion should include 175 to 200 lots, and an industrial park with about 31 acres.

Currently, 26 acres of the land is zoned for industrial, with the balance zoned residential.

The EDA recently reviewed a concept plan for the industrial park as given by Arcon Development.

The EDA requested the industrial park to be expanded to 40 acres at its November meeting.

Eagle Creek

Construction should start in the spring for Lakeview Terrace of Waverly, a senior housing development by Eagle Creek developments.

The future senior development has an anticipated groundbreaking for the spring of 2002.

Before the EDA proceeded with its plans, the city required the EDA to get a housing study, which it did August of 2000.

The project is still in its early planning stages, since no specific lot sizes have been figured for the project.

The units will be modeled after a highly successful development in Maple Lake, by the same developers, Vrchota said.

The one-level units will include four season porches with patio doors, security features, interior access so that seniors don't have to leave the comfort of the development if they don't want to and maintenance of the grounds and common areas.


Summerfields is a self-contained development of about 29 single family houses.

The second phase of Summerfields will double its size, adding another 30 lots to the existing development. However, this is less than expected for the second phase - restricted to the lots lining Douglas Avenue (see map of shaded lots).

The city has been pressing the Summerfields developer to open its second planned access, Douglas Drive, which will lead out to Wright County Road 8, Duske said.

The issue grew stronger over the summer, as Summerfields residents struggled with one access during Highway 12 construction.

Douglas Drive was scheduled to be opened before now, according to the plans for development.

However, existing lots have been selling slower than expected at Summerfields, Duske said.

Now, during the second phase, the city is taking a tough stance on access, Duske said.

"There will be no occupancy permits or certificates until Douglas Drive is completed," Duske said.

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