Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, Jan. 15, 2001

Werner Hardware building on Hwy 12 demolished

The former Werner Hardware building, which was built before 1900, collapsed with a sigh as two front-end loaders tipped over the final piece of the building Tuesday, leaving it a heap of rubble.

The demolition of the building took one day, shutting down a section of Eighth Avenue.

The building had a basement made of field stones, much the same as the Posey Patch and the city hall building, said Howard Lake City Administrator Doug Borglund. The irregularly shaped stones were used with mortar in the 1800s, before masonry, Borglund said.

The demolition was done by Don Rettman Construction and Excavating of Darwin, which is the same company used for about four or five other demolitions in close proximity to Highway 12, Borglund said.

Werner building

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