Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, June 25, 2001

Winsted building permits issued for more than $2 million worth of projects

By Patrice Waldron

The City of Winsted hit a milestone during May and June when the value of projects for which building permits were issued went over the two million dollar amount.

The June 19 report stated that the value of projects for building permits issued was $2,114,410. This figure is almost two-thirds of the amount of valuation of all permits issued last year.

"I can't keep up with the total," joked City Clerk Betty Zachmann.

On a similar matter, the firm of Paul Waldron and Associates, of Waconia, is set to be contracted for building inspection purposes.

The negotiated fee for building inspector services will be 50 percent of the residential permit fee, and the Minnesota standard of 65 percent of the permit fee for commercial projects.

Airport earns award

The Winsted Airport Commission was honored with an award at Tuesday's city council meeting.

The award was given based on the fact that for three years in a row, the Winsted airport has received perfect scores when flyover inspections have been conducted.

John Schroeder of the Minnesota Department of Transportation presented the plaque.

Schroeder works in a group which does airport planning and upgrades. He also works with people who do electrical work to maintain landing systems.

Around 1984, it appeared that enough emphasis wasn't being placed on maintaining airports.

When annual flyover inspections were conducted by state pilots, only 17 out of 120 airports had everything working.

The inspection program was modified so that when the annual winter inspections occurred, more emphasis was placed on lighting systems.

Scores started at 100, and points were deducted for deficiencies.

Many improvements have been made over the years. This past year, 98 out of 125 airports had all lights working, said Schroeder.

It's difficult to have a perfect score, especially three years in a row, Schroeder said.

Representing the airport commission at the meeting were Russ Paschke, Arden Johnson, and Felix Quast.

When it came to fees for the Winsted airport, Zachmann reported that she had made inquiries of four area airports, and found that the lease rate which Winsted charges, 18 cents per square foot, was in line with what others are charging.

The hangar rental fee will be increased from $55 per month to $65 per month, effective Sept. 1. The council approved the rate increase.

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