Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, June 4, 2001

Winstock preview, part 2

By Ryan Gueningsman

K102 Rodeo Renegades

Saturday, noon

The Rodeo Renegades were founded in 1994 by Jane and Larry Mattson, shortly after the opening of Rodeo Nightclub in Cottage Grove, MN. The Mattson's and K102 decided to team up and form a dancing group for parties, and to promote country music.

Since their beginnings, over 200 people have tried out to become a member of the Renegades. However, there are only 40 people on the team, and all current team members are given the opportunity to commit to the team for another year, or to retire and let someone new step in. Turnover is not very high, as there are still many of the original Renegades dancing.

Their dancing techniques include everything from over 30 line dances, to swing, hip-hop, and some two-step. Renegades are anyone from doctors, to engineers, to mechanics, and just about everything else in between.

They have performed at the Minnesota State Fair, Country Jam, Grand Old Days, many rodeos, and have been seen at Winstock for many past years.

Tim Rushlow

Saturday, 2:15 pm

Oklahoma native Tim Rushlow has sold over 6 million albums, and sold out concert stops for close to seven years. However his name might not be that well known, yet. Rushlow had an extraordinary career as the lead singer for the Winstock '97 alumnus band, Little Texas. When Little Texas decided to break up in late 1997, Rushlow knew that he still had more music in him. He just wasn't sure what path to follow.

"I decided to take some time to reinvent myself after the band broke up," said Rushlow. "All I knew was how to be the frontman of the band. So, I realized if I'm going to be cutting a Tim Rushlow record, it's going to have to be me standing on my own, when I absolutely don't have any question about who I am. So, I had to do some soul-searching and song writing to find that."

Three years later, Rushlow is back and has a new self-titled album on the shelves. His first single was a heartfelt song titled, "She Misses Him," which is a touching song about a married couple in which the husband is suffering with Alzheimer's disease. Rushlow's fun side also shows through in songs like "Crazy Life," and "American Cars."

About his current career state, Rushlow said, "A lot of people don't get the chance to do this once, much less twice. I feel very blessed and flattered to get the chance to do this again. I want to go out and play these new songs for people, play some old songs from my band days too, and celebrate my past and future in one swoop. I've got a shot at chapter two here, and I'm swinging for the bleachers."

Rushlow, with a winning performance, is sure to hit a home run at Winstock 2001.

Some of Rushlow's solo hits:

"She Misses Him"

"American Cars"

"Crazy Life"

Some of Little Texas' hits:

"Some Guys Have All the Love"

"Kick A Little"

"Amy's Back in Austin"

"God Bless Texas"

Eric Heatherly

Saturday, 3:45 pm

See Heatherly interview

Some of Eric Heatherly's hits:

"Flowers on the Wall"

"Wrong Five O'Clock"

"Swimming In Champagne"

"She's So Hot"

Rascal Flatts

Saturday, 5:15 pm

Arguably the hottest new act to break onto the country music scene in 2000 was Rascal Flatts. Now, with only a little over two years of experience playing together, they are on their way to the top.

Group co-founders Gary LeVox and Jay DeMarcus, second cousins from Columbus, Ohio, have always shared a genuine love for making and writing music.

"Our mothers were cousins, but close as sisters," said LeVox. "We spent a lot of weekends at Jay's house as kids, doing kid stuff, and making music."

Enter into that combination Oklahoma native Joe Don Rooney, whom DeMarcus met while working in Chely Wright's band. DeMarcus decided to invite Rooney to a practice session with LeVox and himself, and what they created that night would prove to be magical.

"That night really worked out special," said Rooney.

"I heard Joe Don open his mouth and I was like, 'thank you Jesus!,' said DeMarcus. "It was really, really magical. We honestly didn't have to work hard at it. It was so natural and so much fun."

Now, with a Lyric Street recording contract, several top ten hits, and a major tour, Rascal Flatts will be keeping themselves busy in this business for a while. They also recently took away the ACM's top new Group honors.

Rascal Flatts is: Lead vocalist Gary LeVox, vocalist/instrumentalist Jay DeMarcus, and guitarist/vocalist Joe Don Rooney.

Some of Rascal Flatts' hits:

"Prayin' For Daylight"

"This Everyday Love"

"One Good Love"

"Long Slow Beautiful Dance"

The Oak Ridge Boys

Saturday, 6:45 pm

One of the most recognizable bands in country music, The Oak Ridge Boys, are heading to town in the midst of their latest album titled "Voices."

While some people might think of retirement for someone who has had their career span for over 3 decades, the Oak Ridge Boys don't feel that way at all.

"The goal for The Oak Ridge Boys is to constantly keep this thing going at a big time level and enjoy doing it, said group member Joe Bonsall. "We're not the young kids on the block anymore, we're the older fellows. But the four of us love the pure act of singing so much, it never hits us that we're the old guys."

Aside from a constantly full tour schedule, and numerous personal appearances, The Oak Ridge Boys have gone through a few changes lately. There was the return of singer William Lee Golden to the group after an absence.

"We had William Lee Golden return to the group, and the harmony and forgiveness and love and pure singing that came back together with that refocused us for the next set of challenges that were to come our way," said Oak Richard Sterban.

Also returning was long-time friend and manager Jim Halsey, who took some time off to teach some seminars. His added guidance is something the Oak Ridge Boys look forward to having for a long time yet.

The Oak Ridge Boys are: Duane Allen, Joe Bonsall, William Lee Golden, and Richard Sterban.

Some of The Oaks' hits:


"Y'All Come Back Saloon"

"You're The One (In A Million)"

"Leaving Louisiana (In The Broad Daylight)"

"Trying To Love Two Women"

"(I'm Setting) Fancy Free"

"Bobbie Sue"

"Come On In"

Lorrie Morgan and Sammy Kershaw

Saturday, 8:15 pm (special 90-minute set)

Sammy Kershaw closed out Winstock 1995 with a bang. Now in 2001, he's returning to Winsted for an encore performance, and this time, he's bringing someone with him. That someone just happens to be the multi-talented Lorrie Morgan, who is Sammy's new duet partner and new love interest.

Morgan, who is known for her emotional lyrics, has led a very heartfelt, emotional life. Her latest album, "To Get To You-Greatest Hits Collection," sums up her life in 17 songs.

"Every song I sing reflects a part of my life, said Morgan. "The joy, the sorrow, the will to survive, it's all there in the lyrics and music."

Morgan is also known for her passionate stage performances. At each performance, she gives her all, and that's something that the fans love and keeps them coming back for more.

"As much as my music touches the spirit in my fans, what they give back to me is the inspiration that enables me to do what I love," said Morgan.

Sammy Kershaw also recently released an album titled "Sammy Kershaw Covers The Hits," which brings the total number of albums by Kershaw to nine. He is also very passionate about his fans and his music.

"When you're on stage, and the band starts one of those songs, you can feel it," said Kershaw. "It's like an instant connection between you and the audience. It's something special. It's the music we all love and remember."

With these two talented musicians teaming up for a summer tour, they are sure to draw audiences of all ages to Winstock for their special 90 minute set.

Note: This profile on Morgan and Kershaw was done earlier in the winter. Since then, they have released a duet album titled "I Finally Found Someone." This album features six duets and three solo performances each.

They have also announced their engagement to be married on September 29 of this year, and are looking forward to recording, touring, and spending time together.

Some of Sammy Kershaw's hits:

"Third Rate Romance"

"Don't Go Near the Water"

"She Don't Know She's Beautiful"

"Queen of My Double-Wide Trailer"

Some of Lorrie Morgan's hits:

"Five Minutes"

"Watch Me"

"Except For Monday"

"Something In Red"

"What Part Of No"


"Maybe Not Tonight"

Neal McCoy

Saturday, 10:30 p.m.

See Neal McCoy interview

See part 1 of Winstock preview

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