Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, April 2, 2001

Woitalla opens new embroidery shop

By Lynda Jensen

If a stitch in time saves nine, RoseMary Woitalla must be saving time into the next century.

Woitalla's embroidery machine does thousands of stitches every minute for her new business, Embroidery by RMW.

She works in a neat workshop located just outside her front door, at her home in Waverly.

Although RoseMary learned to do the craft by hand, she prefers modern technology, since it would be nearly impossible for her to have a successful business by doing the work by hand, she said.

She is capable of customizing many kinds of articles, by emblazoning names and designs across clothing and other articles.

Customized hand towels, caps, sweatshirts, t-shirts, jackets, jean shirts, polo shirts, bibs, and baby blankets are a sample of what she offers for sale.

Her designs range from school mascots, animals, farm implements, signage for law enforcement and fire departments, wildlife, flowers and literally hundreds of other kinds of ideas from her books.

Her thread colors also surpass the imagination, with almost every color conceivable at her fingertips.

Woitalla is glad to be doing this kind of work, since she did data entry the past 20 years and doesn't miss it, she said.

"I thought 'life is too short,'" she said. She decided to change her course of direction to something that would bring her more joy, she said.

She has a history of nimble fingers, since she also has done crafts for sale at the Howard Lake Expo.

The most intricate project she's done was a John Deere tractor, combine and baler design on the back of a jacket. It took her two hours to do, she said.

Carol Hayner of C&C Embroidery, Waverly, gave RoseMary the inspiration and encouragement to start her business, she said.

Woitalla is grateful to Hayner for her assistance and the two do not compete with each other, she said.

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