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Feb. 25, 2002

Trucking around with socks, underwear


Some day, I will be an old woman afflicted with Alzheimer's who can't remember what I had for breakfast the morning or what I did five minutes ago.

But, I WILL remember my 6-year-old son hauling his socks and underwear in his toy truck last week.

What a happy old woman I will be.

Bryce, my 6-year-old son, loaded his toy semi-tractor trailer with a hopper full of whatever was available ­ in this case, his (clean) underwear, and a different load of socks (also clean).

He loaded up about 15 pairs of Buzz Lightyear underwear, and trucked around all night, before bedtime.

This was complete with the sound effects K-SHHHH for the air brakes and DOO-DOO-DOO for backing up (like emergency sounds).

He actually got tired from trucking. Good thing he didn't have to pay for gas, because this would have done the ol' boy right in.

Come morning, I was dressing him.

I opened his drawers to find neither of the aforementioned articles, and a search ensued of his vehicle. It was located, after a good amount of time, parked under the coffee table with its cargo.

Ordering truckloads

Speaking of truckloads, I've been ordering my spring bulbs through the catalog.

Where am I going to put all this stuff? More importantly, how can I resist?

I'm the only person I know that makes payments to the bulb companies.

This year, I binged on dahlias, white liatris ( I have so much of the purple), and more golden stargazers.

My garden, which is fairly large to start with, is already full. I will most likely end up pulling and selling some of what I have right now to make room.

Wonderful kids

I took a machete to my schedule and chopped out time last week to read to elementary students at HLWW.

The elementary students are hilarious, and give a refreshing insight into life. They are just wonderful.

There's a barrel of laughs waiting for anyone who wants to do this. I encourage everyone to pick up the invitation to read to students.

They ask the silliest (and some serious) questions, unfettered by all of the rules and regulations that plague adults.

Young people give an entirely different viewpoint, so valuable, and so unique. I very much enjoyed my numerous visits at Waverly (Joan Johnson's especially), and one at Winsted ­ and this week, to Carol. Sideen's class at Howard Lake Elementary.

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