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March 11, 2002

My children are at it again


For those who follow the antics of my children, they were at it again last week.

This time, they filled balloons half full of water and walked around on all fours pretending to be cows that wanted to be milked.

This is cute for 10 minutes, and then it's a test of patience, since they continually mooed during the course of the evening.

If they were real cows, it would have been easier, since I'm assuming real cows stop mooing after they are milked. Of course, I'm only guessing this because I didn't grow up on a farm.

Finally I yelled "Stop mooing for crying out loud!" They regrouped and started playing checkers instead.

Two noodle soup

Another funny family related item occurred when we went to a hotel in St. Cloud over a weekend.

We visited a fancy Japanese restaurant, which offered sushi, and the whole nine yards.

The Japanese place was the fourth place we visited ­ behind three steak houses that had hour-long waiting lists.

Upon being seated, we perused the menu, which offered various expensive items, which made my husband grumble a little bit.

The kicker was when we ordered a fancy bowl of soup that featured clear broth and TWO NOODLES floating at the bottom.

Yes, there were two noodles there (like spaghetti noodles), floating around in the soup like they were supposed to be there.

My first thought was that the telephone probably rang while the cook made the soup, and interrupted the addition of more noodles.

However, as I saw the look on my husband's face, and saw the same ration in front of him, I laughed so hard my ribs almost cracked.

The look his face could paint a picture.

We dropped $80, but it was fun. The seafood was wonderful.

Borrowing spring

Sick of the last gasp of winter? I sure am.

To comfort myself, I went to a Dassel establishment and bought a nice-sized wind chime.

"If I can't have spring, I'll borrow it, then," I said to the clerk.

The weather can't change soon enough. I'm sick of snow flakes.

On the other hand, I always say the Lord is seldom early, but never late. The change in seasons is a blessing in Minnesota.

However, it's hard to be patient when it comes to spring.

I'm sure everyone has heard the adage that there's two seasons in Minnesota ­ winter and construction season.

I told my daughter "spring is right around the corner." We were driving in the car.

It must have been the way I said it, because her big blue eyes were round ­ and it just so happened that we were going around a curve.

"S'not here," she said. "Where is it?" You almost had to be there to truly appreciate the humor in it.

All the way home, every time I turned the corner, she kept laughing, saying "Where's spring? It's not here!"

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