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April 8, 2002
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Laughing it up with the eccentrics


I was lucky enough to share lunch in the midst of HLWW teacher Dave Metcalf and a collection of his fine students, along with two professional actors, his son Nate, and Luvern Seifert (former student and self confessed eccentric actor).

Down in the dumps? Bored? Lazy? Have lunch with a bunch of aspiring actors. It's good for what ails you.

When time came for the bill, Mr. Metcalf found himself accidentally on the receiving end of whatever lunch costs for nine people.

His students, who alerted him to the discrepancy in the first place, showered him with thank yous, to which he told them IN YOUR DREAMS.

They gave him the raspberries, with one student telling him he might stroll out the door, sans payment. Metcalf said something to the effect of "You won't get halfway there."

But the kicker was when Metcalf ­ in the next breath ­ said "When it comes to money, you have NO IDEA what I'm capable of doing," to which the entire room at Bergie's erupted in laughter, even total strangers.

Bargain hunting

Spring means bargains, and there should be loads of them at the citywide garage sales coming up.

For young couples with children, garage sales are the answer to expensive clothes and other items . . . with a sense of adventure to boot.

Last year, we found a small trampoline for $5, an inflatable chair for my daughter (she uses it as a reading chair), a needed bookcase for my son, and of course, clothes, among other things.

I, myself, host a neighborhood garage sale in May, selling everything from perennials to clothes and knick knacks. I even sold a table to Rep. Bob Ness once (who was a tough sell).

"No junk," my husband says.

This is my husband's rule: if it's something that won't be used longer than 24 hours, it can't be bought because it's junk.

Local citywide garage sales:

Fri.-Sat., April 26 & 27 - New Germany

Sat., April 27 - Howard Lake, Waverly, Cokato

Sat., May 4 - Winsted, Hutchinson

Thurs.-Fri.-Sat., May 9, 10, 11 - Mayer

Fri.-Sat., May 10-11 - Silver Lake

Sat., Aug. 31 (Labor Day) - Dassel

Sat.,Sept. 21 - Lester Prairie

Sat., Oct. 12 - HLWW Comm. Ed.

Montrose and Litchfield do not have citywide sales.

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