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May 13, 2002
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Kool-Aid stands at the Jensens


Two Kool-Aid stands were the highlight of my garage sale last weekend, owned and operated by my kids.

The girls' stand was run by my daughter, Latrice, and two little neighbor girls. They sold crispy bars and Kool-Aid.

They were shameless, hitting people coming and going, until I finally warned them to solicit potential patrons only once. They made $12, which isn't half bad for selling their wares for 25 cents each.

I even bought $2 worth of my own bars back from them.

The boys tried to sell pop, but ended up drinking the potential profits and being the biggest patrons of the Kool-Aid stand.

My son Bryce, in particular, bought the most Kool-Aid. I didn't know what was going on until he wandered over to my table with a big red Kool-Aid moustache and red stained shirt.

He made $2.25 selling pop, although I'm not sure where the odd quarter came from, since the pop was 50 cents a can. Probably because he can't count, being 6 years old.

The weather wasn't conducive to sales, and they quit Saturday afternoon. My sale went well.

Mudder's Day

Bryce wished me Happy Mudder's Day. He is painfully shy and when he does speak, his speech is a little off.

Here are some words he uses:

Brother Brudder

Bubble gum BuGGle gum

Hair cut hair TUT

Choo choo train Choo Choo WAIN

Isn't that cute? He's funny.

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