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Aug. 19, 2002 Herald
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Our new little puppy that leaks


We are the proud owners of a German Shepherd puppy, as of two weeks ago. It leaks.

My daughter informed me that the puppy likes to take naps when I got home from work. "She took seven naps today," my daughter said the first day we had her.

Apparently, the longest nap was 20 minutes long (I'm sure two kids bouncing on the puppy's head had something to do with it).

This is a testimony to my kids' energy, because this active little puppy was whacked at the end of the day from them buzzing around her head.

She's only six weeks old, which means that she sits and cries on the step landing because it's too hard for her to climb yet.

She falls over backwards for almost no reason at all, and is kind of like a wiggly bag of gelatin, covered in a nice fur coat.

Her name is Dixie, although choosing a name was a project all by itself.

Two other names we picked were Napper the Yapper, and Long Nose Kate (it had to do with the nickname of Doc Holiday's girl friend. Our other dog's name is Doc Holiday).

Burned like a lobster, sleeping in a tent

We went tenting in South Dakota last month.

Four days in a tent isn't my idea of fun, but it didn't rain (they're actually having a drought there!).

We really enjoyed ourselves.

It was so strange to camp at a place that was devoid of water, when all of the South Dakota streams that we saw were at all-time lows.

As soon as we reached the camp site, our kids rounded up two minnows in a cup from a nearby stream and promptly named them Dudley and Roxie. We released them back into the wild, so to speak, when we left.

I actually purchased a bikini and promptly burned myself to a red-lobster crisp.

It was hard to sleep on crispy skin, and I flaked so much dead skin that I left clouds of white floating bits behind me.

I wailed and moaned about this for a while, but finding no sympathy, suffered in silence for about three days. Boo hoo!

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