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Sept. 23, 2002 Herald
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Pope John Paul: calling it as he sees it


I was struck a few weeks ago by comments made by Pope John Paul II as he visited his homeland in August.

Of course, John Paul is from Krakow, Poland, and was instrumental in undermining communism there.

I'm not generally a big pope fan, since I believe the pope is a human being, like everyone else. He is a sinner, as we all are (it says so in the Bible).

But a beautiful person! What a spunky visionary! In an age of endless so-called heroes, Pope John Paul has been the one to call it as he sees it.

He's the genuine article ­ a role model to us all, young and old.

This time, John Paul identified secularism as the new evil to be dealt with in our world. And he's right.

"When the noisy propaganda of freedom without truth or responsibility grows stronger in our country (Poland) too, the shepherds of the church cannot fail to proclaim the one failproof philosophy of freedom, which is the truth of the cross of Christ," he said. So true!

I know John Paul's health is ailing. When he dies, there will be literally millions of people mourning for him, because he is such an active pope.

I will mourn him, too.

An update on Dixie

For anyone interested in our German Shepherd puppy, she is about three times the size of the cute photo we ran before.

Cute gets you so far.

I've always said that "God made kids cute so that you don't kill 'em." Now, this saying is being revised to "God made kids and puppies cute so you don't kill 'em."

Wisely, I advised our daughter to completely forget the idea of Dixie sleeping in her room, the eve before we picked the dog up. She's an outdoor dog.

"Close your eyes and imagine everything in your room being destroyed before you wake in the morning," I said.

This prophecy came true, although the damage was limited to smaller things.

Dassel features a doggy wash (like a car wash), and we've spent time there, to no avail.

She stinks ­ toilet breath and everything. She chews everything.

I bought my first 20 lb. bag of dog food a few days ago.

I forgot to enjoy myself when I was only buying little five pound bags of food for our little miniature daschund.

I'm sure there will be future updates.

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