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Nov. 4, 2002
Pastor's Column

A thought on the reward of wisdom and truth

By Rev. Lyndon Korhonen
Good Shepherd Free Lutheran, Cokato

Here are a couple thoughts I want to share, one on wisdom, and one on truth, and their benefits.


While driving up main street in Cokato the other day, 1 saw a very wise squirrel that crossed the road in front of my car.

"Why was it wise?" you ask. Let me tell you.

It had a walnut in its mouth as it was running across the street, but the walnut was slowing down the squirrel.

Though I slowed down, it looked like my tires would end the squirrel's life, but at that moment, the squirrel made a very intelligent decision.

It dropped the walnut and let it roll. With less weight to carry, the squirrel was able to get safely across the street. It lost its "extra" weight, but it had its life.

What are you presently struggling to carry through life that is weighing you down to the point of endangering your well being?

Maybe it's a mortgage that's too big and keeps you awake at night. Drop it and move to something smaller.

Perhaps your burden is a worry that you have no control over. Drop it and let the Lord have it, because He cares for you. Yes, you will experience some sense of loss when your "walnut" rolls away, but you will find a wonderful appreciation for life.

Too many walnuts weigh you down. Get rid of a few and enjoy life and your God.


Psalm 15 hits at the most important matter for your soul: who may dwell in the presence of God.

That relates to the present, as well as to the future. The phrase that hit me was in verse 2: "he who speaks the truth from his heart."

Are you telling the truth these days? First of all, are you being honest with yourself?

If the alcoholic wants help, he must tell the truth to himself. What is the truth about you?

Are you the same with your wife in private as in public? How about your thought life? Do you dwell on those lustful thoughts, or in sorrow ask the Lord for deliverance?

How about at work? When you use that stamp for personal use, do you repay it? Or that gallon of gas, does it get accounted for? Do you return the wrong amount of change to the gas station attendant?

When Jesus walked on earth, He made the startling announcement that He was truth. His life was truth ­ sinless in thought and action.

Just think how much peace you would have if you told yourself the truth and told God the truth about you, and lived the truth at work and in the privacy of your home and fish house.

Yes, it costs to live in the truth, but think about the benefits: Living in the presence of God!

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