Herald JournalWinsted-Lester Prairie Journal, July 1, 2002

Area couple runs transport business

By Julie Yurek

Big J's Transport in Winsted specializes in livestock and gravel trucking.

Open since August 2001, the business is doing well, Jeff Bayerl, co-owner said. He and Lisa Bickman, both of Winsted, own Big J's Transport.

She trucks livestock, and he does gravel, Bickman said.

"We always knew we wanted to go into business together," Bickman said. The two have known each other for six years and have been dating for five.

Bayerl is currently contracted through Mullin Trucking in Jordan, but hopes to self-contract soon, he said.

He works Monday through Friday for Mullin, but since he owns his own semi, he gets jobs outside of Mullin too, he said.

Bickman's schedule varies from week to week, she said. "Sometimes I'm hauling five times per week, and other times it may be once or twice a week."

Farmers at first did a "double take" when they saw it was a woman, she said. "But they must be fine with it because they keep calling."

Bickman also works two part-time jobs, cleaning a business in Winsted and working on a farm in Plato.

As part of her day, she usually ships cattle in the morning, she said.

Her trailer can hold up to 12 head of cattle. After a pick up, Bickman takes the cattle to any one of the four drop off points for livestock in Hutchinson, Albany, Zumbroda, and South St. Paul.

It's the farmer's discretion as to which city to deliver to, she said.

The couple lives in Winsted and stores the trucks at Bayerl's parents house, Melvin and Janet Bayerl.

"We would like to expand eventually. I would like to get into hauling gravel, too," Bayerl said.

The phone number for Big J's Transport is (320) 485-5343.

A message can be left for either livestock or gravel hauling, Bayerl said.

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