Herald JournalHerald and Journal, Aug. 19, 2002

Bogers sell Cokato store, plan to expand in Winsted

By Lynda Jensen

Paul and Barb Boger recently sold their interests in the hardware store located in Cokato, and plan to eventually expand their Winsted hardware store, Paul Boger said.

The Bogers officially turned over Boger's True Value Hardware to Kurt and Stephanie Dahlin of Cokato Aug. 9.

The timing was right for the sale because a local family surfaced that was interested in buying the store. The sale will allow them to re-focus on the Winsted store, Paul Boger said.

"It was a good fit for us," he said.

The Bogers plan to remodel the Winsted store in the near future, and then, down the road, introduce different product lines and add more inventory down the road, he said.

When this occurs, they plan to be more aggressive with advertising and the like, Paul said.

"Winsted is doing well," Paul commented about the city's growth, pointing to such developments as Grass Lake Farm.

The City of Cokato is doing well, too, but they decided to pursue Winsted, he said.

They felt right about turning the business over to a strong Cokato family such as the Dahlins who will bring enthusiasm into the store, Paul said.

The Bogers will continue to own the building, and agreed to a three-year lease to the Dahlins, Paul Boger said.

The Dahlins plan to concentrate on hardware, and will switch the hardware name from True Value to Hardware Hank, Kurt said. The new name will be Cokato Hardware Hank.

"We hope in a couple of years to build a new building down by Cokato Salvage," Kurt said.

Kurt is the son of Elroy Dahlin, who owns Cokato Salvage. Elroy and Kurt both own a 50 percent interest in the hardware store. Although their plans are up in the air, they may consider tying the two buildings together or a similiar arrangement, Kurt said.

Paul Boger will continue doing real estate, and Barb will continue to work at the Werner Home, Paul said. Barb does bookkeeping for the hardware store. It is managed by Wally Paschke.

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