Herald JournalHoward Lake-Waverly Herald, May 20, 2002

Waverly Boosters looking for help, or group may disband

By Lynda Jensen

To the sheer surprise of many, the highly successful Waverly Boosters are talking about possibly disbanding unless additional committed volunteers are willing to step forward soon.

The Boosters attended the Waverly City Council meeting Tuesday to announce their plight and ask the city to take over some of its more costly ventures.

The Boosters are behind several popular and successful ventures such as summer recreation activities, including ball and swimming lessons, a newly started winter basketball program for grades K-2, and hosting literally hundreds of children for the Easter bunny, Santa, Halloween, and Family Fun Night during Waverly Daze.

The Boosters are a non profit organization that is operated by volunteers and depends on contributions form local business and organizations, and private donations.

In reality, there is a small core of about four volunteers who make the organization work, with two of these members unable to continue after this year, said member Marci Theisen.

There are some volunteers who help occasionally, but the Boosters need committed members willing to follow through and help plan projects, member Christina Kittock said.

"We need to get at least eight new members," Kittock told the council. "We don't know where to turn," she said.

"We don't want to see the summer rec program and basketball program end," Kittock said.

Kittock asked the council to take over the summer rec, pointing out that other local towns support their own summer rec programs.

Council member Ken Hausladen asked the Boosters if someone could be recruited from the area colleges or vo-techs to help coordinate the activity as an internship.

This would require them to recruit someone every year, Kittock pointed out, saying that it would be difficult to take advantage of this idea.

The Boosters pointed out that Howard Lake hires Dale Decker for its summer rec program with a budget of about $13,000 each year.

"And we have a better program here," commented resident Charlie Borrell. Many people from Howard Lake come to Waverly to attend its summer rec, he said.

"A lot of kids come from other towns because Chad (Gagnon) is coaching," Kittock said. "Everybody wants Chad."

It was noted that the Boosters will not be doing a stand for Waverly Daze this year, because it was too much for them in the past.

"We're just looking for suggestions," Kittock said.

It was decided to wait until the end of the summer to make any decisions.

The Boosters were started in 1965 to provide activities for children.

Those interested in joining the Boosters may call Theisen at (763) 658-4904, Kittock at (763) 658-4610, Lisa Posch at (763) 658-4159,or Michelle Heuer at (763) 658-4762.

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