Herald JournalHoward Lake-Waverly Herald, July 1, 2002

Custer jury trial set for Aug. 5

The case of Howard Lake resident Mark Custer moved forward again Tuesday, with his jury trial date being set for Monday, Aug. 5.

Custer is accused of first and second degree criminal sexual conduct with an underage girl for an extended period of time.

A pre-trial hearing was conducted Tuesday, said Mark Erickson of the Wright County Attorney's Office. "We didn't settle," he said.

Jury selection will begin for 12 jurors, who will determine Custer's guilt or innocence, based on evidence and witness testimony, Erickson said.

Custer has requested a speedy trial, Erickson said. However, cases that involve defendants that are already in custody will take priority over his case, Erickson said.

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