Herald JournalHerald and Journal, June 25, 2002

Area flooding photos,
June 25, 2002

Photos by Lynda Jensen and Ryan Gueningsman

Residents of Howard Lake's mobile home park were evacuated by boats during the early morning hours Tuesday due to heavy rainfall.

Troy and Susie Lange.The Langes fled their home located at the east shore of Ann Lake at 2 a.m. when a wall of mud penetrated the retaining wall behind their house, which is situated under a bluff beside the lake. The retaining wall failed, and a wall of mud and debris burst through their kitchen, pouring into the lower level of their home.

Neighbor Al Baldwin helped his the Langes clean up the mess Tuesday morning, as Channel 9 news crews videotaped the scene.

What used to be the Langes' kitchen.

The cabin owned by Craig Smith of Burnsville was completely destroyed after a mud slide (seen at the background of the photo) pushed trees and water into his house, spilling into the lake. Smith was inside the seasonal home at the time, leaving later that morning to sit in his car and wait the flood waters out. His son Chris is pictured, along with Craig (at the door).

Another shot of the Smith house.

Sand bagging efforts at Gary and Julie Moore's, at the north shore of Big Waverly Lake.

Water overtook Minnesota Highway 25 about three miles south of Montrose, causing the road to be closed off for several days until repairs could be made.

Rushing water cut under Wright County Road 8, causing the road to be closed north of Waverly because it started to give away, said Waverly Fire Chief Mark Karels.

A mowing tractor owned by Bill Hoffman sits in his field about one mile east of Howard Lake. Hoffman said the field had just been mowed Monday afternoon.

Flooding along Wright County Road 30 going west hampered detour traffic from Highway 12.

Fallen trees from along Wright County Road 8 north of Waverly interfered with driving.

A large mud slide across Wright County Road 9 north of Waverly closed the road and attracted news crews from Channel 5.

Water levels at the mini storage in Waverly reached four feet from the ground, ruining many things inside each unit. Once the state crews pulled a drain plug from a nearby drainage ditch, the water rushed out, damaging the mini storage doors. Pictured are Dan and Lynnae Sullivan of Waverly, who rented a unit there.

Three vehicles and a shed were submerged at the driveway of Wright County Deputy Pete Palmer's residence. Palmer lives between Howard Lake and Waverly along Highway 12. The vehicles other than the squad car are not visible.

Two partially full storage tanks - one containing gas and the other diesel - were dislodged from their foundations in the early morning hours of Tuesday by flooding water on the north side of Highway 12, at the west end of Howard Lake. The tanks were secured by Cenex. Another four tanks (pictured) were considered to be OK, since they were nearly full and too heavy for the water to move, said Cenex General Manager Brian Yager.

Highway 12 was blocked off four several hours Tuesday, as water rushed over the road. A hastily made detour sent travelers to other roads that were also flooded that morning.

Several cars that were parked near Lund's Poured Concrete west of Howard Lake were moved after water overtook them overnight. The cars were owned by a employee of Lund's.

High water at Waverly's Waterfront park.

A Waverly resident assesses the damage done by the storm using his boat.

A view of Waverly from the city's Waterfront Park.

Heavy rains damaged the south half of the tennis court and basketball court at Waverly's Waterfront Park.

This massive tree was uprooted along Wright County Road 9 east ofWaverly.

A downed power line can be seen in the midst of trees blocking the road on County Road 9, east of Waverly.

This tree was uprooted and caused damage to this trailer along Waverly Lake.

This creek north of Winsted flowed over its banks as a result of the heavy rains that fell.

ShadowBrooke Golf Course near Lester Prairie experienced flooding on several locations on the course.

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