Herald JournalHerald and Journal, July 1, 2002

Howard Lake forced to pump sewage into lake

By Lynda Jensen

To avoid backing up residential sewer systems in Howard Lake, the city was forced to pump sewage into Howard Lake between Tuesday and Thursday, Administrator Kelly Bahn said.

"It would have backed up everyone," if the city did not take the action, commented City Clerk Gene Gilbert.

A week of heavy rains, capped off by torrential rain early Tuesday morning, overwhelmed the city's treatment plant, causing the emergency.

For this reason, the city is warning people to stay out of the lake for now, as well as Mallard Pass Lake, which is connected to Howard Lake through a pipe that runs under Highway 12, she said.

The city obtained a permit from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to take the emergency action.

Gilbert reported that several basements were full of water in Howard Lake.

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