Herald JournalWinsted-Lester Prairie Journal, Aug. 12, 2002

Stejskal, world traveler and
outdoor enthusiast, joins HT staff

By Ryan Gueningsman

Holy Trinity High School and Elementary School principal Todd Stejskal has been all around the world.

Now he has his eye on bringing all of his experiences and knowledge to Holy Trinity, as his first year of serving as principal is about to begin.

"I grew up here in northern Minnesota, and went to school there. Then I went to school at North Dakota State for five years," he said.

"Right out of college, I got a job half way around the world in Guam. I was a teacher over there for four years, and did a little seeing of the world in that time," he said.

He was also able to visit many other Pacific Rim countries in Eastern Asia.
Stejskal moved back to the states in 1996, and worked in Park City, Utah.

"That was a public school in Park City. Then, through the University of Utah, I earned my Masters in Educational Administration," he said.

The yearning for the outdoors and the "four seasons of Minnesota, hunting deer and fishing" called him back home.

"I moved back up here, worked in southern Minnesota for a year as a dean of students and athletic director," he said.

He also was the assistant principal last year in Ogilvie, which is north of the Twin Cities.

This is his first year as head principal.

"It's been a wonderful transition," Stejskal said. "Everybody's welcoming with open arms, and everything I've encountered about the community and the school has been very positive."

Stejskal's goals for this first year is to take some of the stress off of Father Paul Wolf's position. Wolf was school principal and superintendent, in addition to serving the parish as its pastor.

"He's accomplished so many things. But, with this new set up, I'll be in charge of administration for the school ­ teachers, student activities, events, curriculum."
Taking a good look at the curriculum is also a major goal of Stejskal.

"Everything will be looked at. That will be a big focus this year. Lining it up from grade to grade," he said. "There are also a lot of teachers here who have had a lot of experience, and have a lot to offer the younger teachers in addition to their students."

"We don't want to reinvent and throw a lot of new things at you, though. We want the teachers to take an open look at what's going on, and we can use that as a map for the upcoming year," he said.

The student life at Holy Trinity is also something Stejskal wants to take a look at.
"It's important to take the time to get to know the parents and the kids, then creating a culture and environment that's truly good for everyone here," he said.

Another focus will be communication between the school and the community.
"I've moved right into the community, and have been meeting people from around town," he said. "I encourage people to stop in and ask questions and to just keep the channels open."

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