Herald JournalHoward Lake-Waverly Herald, May 6, 2002

Final work to be done on finishing Hwy 12

By Lynda Jensen

Road crews from Bauerly Brothers will be rolling into Howard Lake today (Monday) to start about six weeks of road work that will finish Highway 12 through Howard Lake.

Most of the activity for the first three weeks will focus on the 1,500 feet of what was known as the "muck" area last summer, located east of Howard Lake, said engineer Barry Glienke.

First, crews plan to widen the road by adding bituminous to the shoulders, Glienke said. Currently, the road is 24 feet wide. "That's pretty tight for a highway," he said.

The work will straighten out the road, he said.

Curb and gutter work is also scheduled there. French Lake Curb will be in town to do the curbs on both the north and south sides.

Sidewalk work is also part of the project. Paver stones need to be installed from between Seventh and Sixth avenues on the north side, as well as City Hall and the Deutz development, where the Werner hardware once stood.

From there, crews will put a two-inch top coat of blacktop in that area, and then move west with the top coat through town, he said.

Work left to do includes the following, according to John Leeberg of the Minnesota Department of Transportation:

· a two-inch top coat of paving through the downtown area of Howard Lake.

· paving of the south lane east of Howard Lake, where the 1,500 feet of 'muck' area was located.

The muck caused delays last summer for MnDOT, since it was forced to remove the boggy material unexpectedly found underneath the road.

· paving another four inches on top of the area already paved over the muck area.

· milling out high spots to even the road.

· installation of about 500 feet of sidewalk, curb and gutter work

· the paving of a bike path on the east side of Howard Lake to Wright County Road 7.

· sodding for Waverly and Howard Lake.

One-lane traffic

The highway will not be shut down, although cars will be routed around working areas, he said.

It is likely that a flagger may be posted at different times to route traffic through one path, which means cars may be stopped at certain points, when necessary, Glienke said.

This will vary day to day and all of the work depends on the weather, he said.

Drivers are expected to slow down in the work zones, Glienke said. The usual double fine will apply for those tagged for speeding through a work zone.

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