Herald Journal Herald and Journal, April 15, 2002

McLeod West superintendent to be offered HLWW position

By Lynda Jensen

Selection of the new superintendent for Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted school district will culminate at the school board meeting Monday, April 15.

At the meeting, the board is expected to approve hiring McLeod West superintendent George Ladd. McLeod West serves the Brownton and Stewart area.

Ladd, who is a Buffalo resident, is the top choice out of three final candidates.

The other two top candidates were Percy Lingen, superintendent of the Caledonia School District, located near La Crosse, Wisc., and John Franzoia, superintendent of the Royalton School District.

Other candidates included HLWW Principal and Curriculum Coordinator Dean Wessman, Crosby-Ironton Superintendent John Yeaman, and Human Resource Director Dale Hurni of Columbia Heights.

If the board approves Ladd's hiring, and signatures are made, he could start by July 1, said HLWW board member Charles Weber.

"This guy can do it," Weber said, describing him as a down-to-earth person with a warm demeanor. The board hopes that Ladd will bring unity to the three communities in the district.

Ladd has been superintendent of McLeod West for two years, and principal of Glencoe Silver Lake from 1999 to 2000, Weber said.

He has experience with passing bond referendums, although Ladd's financial experience is limited yet, Weber said.

Ladd received full support of all the board members, Weber said.

The negotiating committee, which is negotiating the final contract, is composed of board members Jim Fowler, Gene Lorentz, and Charles Weber.

The final three selections were made April 3, with visits being made at the three candidates' hometowns done afterward.

"We didn't find any skeletons," Weber said of the home visits.

Previously, the board had an interesting time sifting through the other applications, which totaled 37.

One candidate who turned his application two days late turned out to be exactly that kind of person, Weber said.

Applicants hailed from Oregon, North Dakota, Nebraska, North Dakota, and a number from Minnesota.

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