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April 2002 stories

April 29

New therapy: horse riding

Local resident tracks history of Luce Line

Regionalization of treatment plant rolls forward for Montrose, Waverly

Main Street Catering expanding business to local area

Making an impression with a mock crash

Could Profile of Learning finally be on its last legs?

April 22

Lorin Andrews: eight-year-old is a junior first degree black belt in Taekwondo

Battling leukemia with a book fair

HLWW board to seek public opinions on new high school issue

Custer contests probable cause

Editorial: Why we printed the story

Threshing in the early 1900s

Winsted man claims the city owes him $15,000 in damages from plugged ditch

Boat launch to move to Memorial Park?

April 15

Sportsmen's mixer called off after gambling complaint

Breast cancer survivor to host Winsted fundraiser

Former HL mayor accused of criminal sexual conduct

Luvern Seifert enjoying professional acting career

McLeod West superintendent to be offered HLWW position

Postcard from the past: Martin Krueger

LP pool drowning financially

Restoring village hall idea is popular with public, but not full council

Fertizilers: phosphorus accumulates and doesn't go away

April 8

DairiConcepts' production line to roll again

Village Hall overflows with residents sharing vision of future for Waverly

Part of Winsted at Las Vegas memorial

Sportsmen, council haggle over park details

Boom of development aided by Montrose-Waverly Chamber

Water tower issue still not settled

City, township to vote together

April 1

It's time to save some daylight

Hartkopf family earns honor for raising elk

Winsted cell phone users bemoan their service woes

Bank relocation project moves forward in HL

The good old days of threshing machines

Steve Berg joins Good Neighbor Realty

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