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February 2002 stories

Feb. 25

LP youth faces charges from shooting incident

MPCA closes the book on final chapter of Metro Dairy spill story

New high school issue resurfacing

Lester Prairie's building construction tops more than $2 million for 2001

LP School still looking for new athletic conference

With reduced funding, humane society sends county a bill for services

Feb. 18

Gary Schott hangs up his badge while he still likes the job

Amber Uecker sets sights 'down under'

First Winstock headliner Waylon Jennings dies

Fogartys open real estate business

Lester pool diving boards to stay

Holy Trinity students write about Taliban, Walker

Feb. 11

Garrison Keillor puts Waverly, Howard Lake on Wobegon map

West Wind Princess Elin Schoenfelder finishes her reign

Four county fair buildings may be located on city land

Local juvenile is held pending burglary charges

Crowd peppers Howard Lake council over bank development

All five Wright commissioners likely to face elections after redistricting

Messina, Lonestar to headline Winstock 2002

Feb. 4

Howard Lake burglar goes house to house, helps himself

Butchering invention goes far back in Howard Lake history

Prairie Archers Club takes aim at adding new members

Being active is key to life for Martin Schauer

A look back at Prohibition

 Donna's Salon changes hands, location

HL City Hall once had 29 offices

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