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November 2002 stories

Nov. 25

Townships walk out of meeting regarding the joint-use facility

Howard Lake still out of reach for Hwy 12 stoplight

HL Council rescinds agreement with Ridgeview minutes after passing it

Local author writes about golf and life

Largest residential development yet is in works for Montrose

Businesses work through Hwy. 7 road construction

Nov. 18

Howard Lake woman killed crossing Highway 12

Winsted's Kenny Radtke one of nation's best garbage men

Bob Fisher: More than just sleeping in a tent

A new dog for Darlene

Banking in Winsted has rich roots

Borrell being investigated for unfair campaign practices

Next Hwy 7 project: St. Boni to Silver Lake

Brown brothers: from the backyard to the state tournament

Nov. 11

Former local man featured on CBS as victim of Nigerian scam

Innocast is in the process of adding showroom, warehouse

Berry gets 5 years in prison; other teen charged in connection with shooting

Roundup of area elections

Winstock artists do well at Country Music Awards

Threats lead to charges for LP man

Nov. 4

Former servicemen agree action is needed in Iraq

Charges of animal cruelty filed against Winsted woman

It's time to vote in an unusual election year

Search warrant results in meth arrest

Jerdes open auto business in Waverly

Valves offer protection against sewer back-ups

The old days of wood cutting

An interview with Emerson Drive

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