Herald Journal Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, April 8, 2002

Sportsmen, council haggle over park details

By Lynda Jensen

Members of the Howard Lake Sportsmen's Club kept the Howard Lake City Council meeting moving Tuesday.

The sportsmen attended the meeting to ask the council questions about the pending renovation of the Lions Park.

The renovations will be paid for in part by a matching $40,000 grant successfully obtained by the city from the Department of Natural Resources.

Road and parking access represented a sore point with club members. Some members insisted on a wider berth for turning around and moving boat equipment than what the engineer designed. Members were also concerned about access to the dam being cut off, since there is a road to the south of the park that leads there.

The park design was changed a number of times to satisfy members, with the council going out of its way to accommodate their requests.

Not all requests could be accommodated.

Some ideas, such as adding another road access, will probably not be used, since it would require the county to approve it; something unlikely since the access is so close to the railroad crossing and Highway 12.

Sportsmen pointed out that the access was completely open before. However, once the road is upgraded, it is expected to meet modern day specifications.

Aside from this, the property was traded to the county by the city for land under the new Wright County Road 7.

Also, the installation of curb and gutter in the parking lot was thought to be unnecessary by club members.

However, without it, the runoff would wash out the beach, Council member Shelly Reddemann said. "We'd be back where we started," he said. There will be a self-contained sewer system that will treat runoff at the park.

The council decided to pursue the matter with the city engineer, to check on turnaround widths, and other details.

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