Herald JournalWinsted-Lester Prairie Journal, July 15, 2002

Bike path, joint use facility top list of survey results

By Julie Yurek

The results of the community survey are in.

The tallied infomation was brought by Dick Grabco of Short, Elliott, Hendrickson (SEH) to last Monday's Lester Prairie City Council meeting.

The top three community development improvements in recreational facilities on the survey are a walking/bike path, a joint use facility, and outdoor pool.

Other written suggestions included extending city office hours, and reducing the local police department.

The walking/bike path ranked higher than the joint facility, with a score of 150. More than 100 people are in favor of the joint use facility, while 69 people feel an outdoor pool is a priority.

If a joint use facility between the city and school were built, a multi-media center, full-size gymnasium, auditorium, walking track, pool, meeting space, recreation center with games and snacks, and police department were all billed as being the most important aspects.

Areas that were identified as being top needs in the city include commercial development, industrial development, and downtown development.

Just under 70 percent of residents returned a valid survey, Grabco said.

The after prom committee distributed 504 surveys, and approximately 400 were returned. However, only 339 were successfully completed, Grabco said.

"Some were blank or did not have the income question filled in. In order for those survey to be valid, the resident needed to fill in that particular question," he said.

The results will be used to obtain grant applications, which is why the income question was needed in order for a survey to count, he said.

After discussing the tallies, the council approved $5,000 for processing of grant applications for economic development.

Ten pages of comments were attached to the end of the results. In the survey, residents were asked to comment on city services, school improvement, what the school does well, and any other comments one would like to add.

The following are a few of the many comments received:

· light rail passenger system to


· have city-wide clean up day

· add another bank

· longer city office hours

· decrease or eliminate police


· four-way stop at bank

· library downtown

· nothing for kids to do -

bike/skate area main street

· hold music concerts in summer

Comments on school:

· small class sizes

· staff knows the students

· wide variety of subjects

· sports

· need more discipline

· more space

· parent/teacher communication

· more technology - computers

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