Herald JournalHoward Lake-Waverly Herald, Aug. 19, 2002

Bank teller rings up 30 years

By Lynda Jensen

Bubbly bank teller Fran Luhman has been smiling at Citizens State Bank of Waverly customers for 30 years.

Luhman, who lives in Howard Lake, began her career in banking after a phone call to her home from Howard Lake-Waverly Superintendent Fred Nus, three decades ago, she said.

She just completed high school and was thinking about going into bookkeeping at St. Mary's Hospital of Rochester. This job was in the process of being lined up by an older sister who worked there, Luhman said. An aunt worked at St. Mary's as well, she added.

As a high school graduate, her experience at HL-W fortified her for the banking job, she said. The course work she completed there prepared her extremely well for her job, Luhman said.

During high school, she took classes that pertained to business machines, and accounting ­ complete with keeping company portfolios, checkbooks, and balancing ledgers, she said.

"I was well prepared," she said.

When she accepted her diploma, she naturally wondered which direction to go.

Which is when Nus stepped in with his phone call, she said.

Nus asked Luhman if she would be interested in trying bank bookkeeping.

She was interviewed by Dan Graham Sr. at Citizens and hired the next day, she said.

Nowadays, she's amazed at how the time has passed by so fast, she said.

Luhman loves mixing with customers, and has served four generations of people, she said.

Citizens State Bank of Waverly proclaimed Aug. 12-16 as "Fran Luhman Appreciation Week," and ran information on its electronic sign to that effect.

The bank gave Luhman a limousine ride to work Wednesday morning, on the anniversary of her employment as part of the appreciation week.

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