Herald JournalHoward Lake-Waverly Herald, Nov. 25, 2002

Largest residential development yet is in works for Montrose

By Lynda Jensen

One of the largest residential developments yet for the City of Montrose is tentatively in the works, according to minutes for the Montrose planning commission.

Rolling Meadows, to be located north of Northridge, will likely add approximately 396 units, or about 258 single family and 138 multi family homes (likely townhomes), said City Administrator Barb Swanson.

The project, if all goes according to plan, will take up 150 acres. The developer is Bridgeland Development.

The final plat has not been approved yet, Swanson said. The preliminary plat was Ok'd at the city minutes during the summer.

The planning commission conducted a public hearing about the project, with the city waiting for requirements to be satisfied on the developer's end to move forward, according to minutes.

Previously, the city attorney sent a letter to Bridgeland Development stating that the city needed the final plat, a signed developer's agreement, and fees paid before the city would proceed with utility extensions to the project.

Rattling windows in the early hours

During the open forum portion of last Monday's meeting, resident Roy Henry Jr. indicated that construction workers at Northridge were starting work before the 7 a.m. start time outlined by city ordinance.

"They're just rattling my windows at 6:15 p.m.," he said. He's had to call the sheriff twice.

Crews stopped starting early for a short time, but returned to it again, he said.

No phosphorus ordinance enacted

The council also approved an ordinance strictly limiting the use of phosphorus in fertilizer.

The ordinance provides that no one may apply phosphorus to turf within the city limits, with the following exceptions:

· if the lawn is tested by a method approved by the state commissioner of agriculture and proven to be in need of phosphorus in order to grow turf,

· if the property owner or agent is first establishing turf via seed or sod procedures, and only during the first growing season,

· if the fertilizer is used on a golf course with a process approved by the commissioner of agriculture.

It is a petty misdemeanor to break the ordinance.

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