Herald Journal Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, April 8, 2002

Boom of development aided by Montrose-Waverly Chamber

By Lynda Jensen

Montrose and Waverly are standing on a commercial pool of development sweeping along Highway 12.

And riding the tide is the Montrose-Waverly Chamber of Commerce, ready to engage and promote businesses, said chamber president Jim Tourville.

Tourville was a charter member of the chamber and serves as the current president for the organization. He is owner of On Trac Insurance in Montrose.

Tourville's wife, Sonya, is also very active in the business community as a chiropractor at Montrose Chiropractic.

There are 45 chamber members from both towns, with the chamber continually looking for more, he said.

The City of Montrose was instrumental in starting the chamber, with a strong interest in working with Waverly, Tourville said.

In fact, its current clerk, Barb Thwing-Swanson, laid the groundwork for the modern day chamber. The Montrose economic development association paid for the initial start-up of the venture, she said.

Those interested in joining may call (763) 675-3241, or Jim Vrchota at (763) 658-4417.

The organization's web site is www.montrosewaverlychamber. com, which contains listings of businesses and other resources.

Commercial boom

Both cities are overflowing with developments, Tourville said.

"We are a hundred times more busy," Thwing-Swanson said.

Waverly is in the process of selling tracts of land associated with the railroad, as well as making plans for an industrial park down the road, said Waverly Clerk Debbie Ryks.

Commercial interest at the former railroad land is very active, although nothing is sealed yet except one business that took up residence a while ago, she said.

The industrial park at Montrose is home to three businesses, Thwing-Swanson said. A fourth business, mini storage, is starting construction, she said.

"I think we'll see things moving along," Thwing-Swanson said.

Waverly is in the process of starting a 32-acre industrial park, to be located south of town, and developed by Arcon development.

Right now, the property is an outlot and not platted yet, Ryks said. There are no dates set for the park since this is up to the developer, she said.

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