Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, Feb. 4, 2002

HL City Hall once had 29 offices

By Don Danford
Howard Lake Historical Society

It has been said that the Howard Lake City Hall was once listed in the publication of "Believe it or not" for the best use of space with 29 offices in the building.

At one time we do know that there was a post office,barber shop, all of the city offices, the police station, and a beauty parlor. There was supposed to be 29 offices all together.

If any one has any information on this subject and how I could confirm I would like to here from you so that I can research this further.

The COM bulk Hardware and machinery store was built around 1872. It was the largest mercantile store in this part of the country.

The establishment kept busy two to four men besides the proprietor. It supplied the eight townships in the surrounding area within a radius of approximately 10 miles.

The store handled the Doering, Milwaukee, Plano and Woo harvester binders. Also, they handled the Buffalo Pitts threshing machine. The average sales for the store were from 50 to 75 binders, and from three to five threshing outfits per season.

The building was one of the largest in the area. There were several rooms in the two story structure a tin shop, a sales room, and a warehouse occupying the largest portion of the building.

The business was quite a success in the area and stayed around for quite awhile. These are the types of businesses that made Howard Lake what it is today.

So, as we grow (as we will) we need to keep these kind of businesses in mind as the foundation for what we have today.We need to try to preserve as much of this heritage as possible for our children and their children, so that they don't forget where they came from.

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