Herald JournalWinsted-Lester Prairie Journal, Aug. 5, 2002

Ollig's back in town at telephone company

By Julie Yurek

After being gone from the Winsted office for eight years, TDS TELECOM Manager Tom Ollig is back in town.

Ollig is now managing both the Winsted and Monticello offices for TDS.

Recently, the Winsted office was managed out of TDS's New London office. However, TDS is better able to offer support when needed since Monticello is closer to Winsted than New London, he said.

"I look forward to the challenges ahead and working with the Winsted employees to meet our communities telecommunications needs," Ollig said.

Ollig will be in the Winsted office one day per week, which will usually be Tuesdays, he said. The other four days he will be in Monticello.

The Ollig family used to own the telephone company in town for more than 70 years, he said.

The family sold it to TDS in 1993, and he continued to work for the company. Ollig began working in Monticello in 1994, though he continued to live in Winsted.

"I enjoy working for this company," Ollig said.

Ollig has been and continues to be involved in the community. He is a member of the Winsted City Council; and he and his wife, LuAnn, are on the Winstock committee.

He and LuAnn have four daughters, Michelle (Ollig) Campbell, 27; Beth, 22; Laura, 19; and Breanna 13.

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