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A reference guide for voters about redistricting

By Lynda Jensen

The following is a description of where voters are in relation to redistricting boundaries.

State House

The local area is divided into three different districts, with the cities of Winsted and Lester Prairie remaining in District 18A, Victor and Woodland townships are contained in the the newly formed District 19B, along with District 19A, which includes Marysville Township and a chunk of land to the north, toward Maple Lake, and most of Buffalo.

The redistricting caused State Rep. Tony Kielkucki to trade off portions of Wright and Carver counties, (formerly known as District 20B), for all of McLeod County (now district 18A).

State Senate

Winsted basically remains inside the same district area, District 18, which features expanded boundaries.

The new District 18 includes all of Meeker and McLeod counties, plus the following cities and townships in Wright County: Howard Lake, Cokato, Annandale, French Lake, Middleville, South Haven, Southside, Stockholm and Corrina.

Victor, Woodland, and Marysville townships are located inside state senate District 19, which includes the townships of Chatham, and Albion, cities of Waverly and Montrose.


District 7 includes McLeod County and Winsted. The district reaches all the way north, encompassing the whole northwestern portion of the state.

McLeod County

The county commissioner seats were affected very little for McLeod County, according to the county auditor's office.

Ray Bayerl currently holds the seat for Winsted and Lester Prairie. He is serving a four year term, which will expire two years in the fall.

Wright County

There are two seats that represent the local area ­ one two-year term, which is currently held by Jack Russek for District 3, and another position for a four-year term held by Dick Mattson for District 5.

Russek's position will serve Woodland Township, Waverly, Delano, Franklin Township, part of Rockford, Rockford Township, and part of Buffalo.

Mattson's position will serve Howard Lake, Montrose Marysville Township, Middleville Township, Southside Township, Stockholm Township, Victor Township, French Lake Township, Cokato Township, Cokato, Maple Lake, South Haven, and Albion Township.

Redistricting caused Waverly and Woodland Township to be transferred to Russek's position.

Maple Lake, South Haven, Stockholm Township, and Albion Township were transferred to Mattson's position.

See map of Senate District 18
See map of Senate District 19

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