Herald JournalHerald and Journal, Sept. 23, 2002

HLWW board sets retreat to plan for future

The board decided to conduct a retreat to discuss long range district goals, which will include what to do with its facilities, 8 a.m. to noon, Saturday, Nov. 23.

Currently, the board is accepting input about the issue. "The process is started," Ladd said.

For long-term goals, Ladd indicated the board should sit down and talk to make sure that everyone was going in the same direction.

The dialogue should include the administrative staff, such as principals, Ladd said.

The current list of goals, which is outdated now, is more of a directive, "not goals as I would see them," he said. Some goals may be ongoing, he added.

The existing list of goals from last year include completing programming for a new 9-12 high school, the idea of Lester Prairie school consolidation, technology goals, expanding the agricultural program, curriculum and graduation standards, and several other goals that are identified as areas of continued focus.

Other board members agreed with Ladd. Board Member Charlie Borrell suggested using something like the interview process, which was successful.

Board Member Jim Fowler suggested doing the retreat, which was well received.

Many strengths of the district were noted during the meeting, as detailed by information in a packet distributed by Curriculum Coordinator Dean Wessman. The packet was a collection of reports describing goals obtained by staff that were related to improving writing, and other areas, which he must turn into the Department of Children, Families and Learning.

Board member Charlie Borrell pointed out that HLWW has the second lowest average class size, at 20.66, of 11 area schools for students in kindergarten through fourth grade.

Wessman noted that students improved in the area of math, but not in communication skills.

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