Herald JournalHoward Lake-Waverly Herald, Dec. 16, 2002

Waverly railroad lots sold except one

By Lynda Jensen

All the railroad lots in Waverly are sold with the exception of one, which has interested buyers lining up for it, said Jim Peterson of Lakes Area Realty.

The lots were sold to a variety of businesses during a 10-month period (see map), he said.

They were originally purchased by the city from representatives of Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railroad to be resold.

Among the commercial interests include:

· Hirsch Investments plans to open a multiple business center across six lots that will offer a beauty and tanning salon, video store, office suites, and a coffee/pizza/ice cream restaurant.

The office space will house Hirsch Contracting, Peterson said.

The complex will feature separate buildings, and not a strip-mall style arrangement.

Plans are to start construction in the spring.

· Sandy Gardener and Tim Stevens plan to open a carpet store/interior decorating business.

This is the only business that may yet have construction activity this year, since Gardener and Stevens have their building permit now, commented Waverly Clerk Deb Ryks. "They wanted to be up and running as soon as possible."

Hirsch is their builder for this property, she said.

The land purchase encroaches on the city's electronic sign, which caused the council to discuss how it wanted to control access to the sign, owning the property is on, and obtaining an easement to service it.

· Matt Liveringhouse (pending) plans to build a maintenance garage/dispatch center for Clinic Cab/AT Transportation and Fast Lube retail center, with three service bays.

This is the only business yet pending, Ryks said.

The Clinic Cab project includes plans for a brick front with glass doors at the entrance.

The city is required to provide Liveringhouse access through Fourth Street and also from the Al Weege property, which Weege is aware of.

· Al Weege plans to build a small lumber yard, and improvement retail business, complete with a showroom for his work.

Weege builds pole barns, Peterson commented.

Weege's permit was approved in June by the council, Ryks said.

· Scott Ogle trucking. Ogle is a fourth generation Waverly business owner and lifelong resident.

Ogle's trucks are primarily used in the road construction industry. Primary use of the building is as an office with integral repair and for maintenance, according to Ogle.

"The nature of my business is very low traffic," Ogle commented in a past report to the city.

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