Herald JournalHoward Lake-Waverly Herald, May 20, 2002

Sons lend a hand to fathers of American Legion Post 145

By Lynda Jensen

Two years ago, some Howard Lake young men decided to give a hand to their fathers in the American Legion, forming a local chapter of the Sons of the American Legion.

Since then, the organization has picked up steam by gathering 29 members, said member Gary Whitcomb.

The group is comprised of non-veteran sons of Legion members.

The Sons of the American Legion is nothing new, since it was formed nationally in 1932, Whitcomb said.

Currently, there are 250,000 members across the nation.

The idea is to support the American Legion and the community, which is what the local chapter does, he said.

Already, the local chapter matched a $500 scholarship this year that is regularly offered by the Legion Post 145 to the Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted school district.

The group plans to add two more scholarships, but the amounts are undetermined yet, he said. They will be offered next year.

Since the Howard Lake chapter started in November of 2000, it also sold flags as a fundraiser, Whitcomb said. This increased a great deal after Sept. 11, he said.

Flags are still available, since they order them once or twice a year, he added.

The Sons will be marching in the Memorial Day ceremony, wearing blue pants and white shirts as uniforms, he said. They also plan to contribute or participate in some way with the Good Neighbor Days ball tournaments sponsored by the Legion, he said.

The organization adds to the American Legion family, since the Legion and Auxiliary are part of the parent group as well, he said.

The criteria to join includes one of the following:

· the candidate must be a male descendant (including adopted or step sons) of an American Legion member.

· or the candidate must be a male descendant of a veteran who died in service during a major conflict.

Those who wish to buy a flag or join the Howard Lake Sons of the American Legion may call Whitcomb at (320) 485-3323.

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