Herald Journal Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, April 22, 2002

Boat launch to move to Memorial Park?

By Lynda Jensen

Visiting the Lions Park issue once again, the Howard Lake City Council received an interesting idea from Howard Lake Sportsmen Club Mike Mitchell about how to improve the park.

Mitchell suggested moving one or both of the boat launches across the lake to Memorial Park. The sportsmen suggested it to the council.

The new boat launch could be groomed and become a main point of access on the east side, joining an older launch there, said Erv Luhman, of the Howard Lake Sportsmen. Mitchell and Luhman discussed the idea, he said. The dredging is something that the sportsmen could follow up on, Luhman said.

This would alleviate future space problems at Lions Park, since the city is trying to pack a beach, playground, double boat launch, fishing pier, parking lot, and picnic area, all into a fairly small space, Bahn said.

The council hailed the concept as a splendid idea.

"It would make Lions Park more of a park, and not a parking lot for trucks and trailers," Bahn commented.

Police Chief Mike Simmons added his support to the idea, saying the arrangement would at least try to separate children from people who are driving boats and trailers in the parking lot.

Boat traffic could be diverted to Memorial Park under this arrangement.

The council asked the sportsmen to follow up on dredging to move forward with the plans.

Mischief may ruin fish stocked in lake

Vandalism might cause problems for fish stocking efforts in Howard Lake this year, according to the Howard Lake Sportsmen's Club.

The club maintains two different areas at the lake, one which is the nursery area for northerns stocked by the Department of Natural Resources, and another location is at the dam that keeps out rough fish from Mallard Pass Lake, which feed on game fish.

In the past, both areas have been targets of vandalism, causing the loss of the northern stock one year, according to club members.

The northern nursery is located at a swampy area north on Wright County Road 6, on the west side of the lake.

At that location, on the west side of the road, are about three board slats that keep the water inside the swamp area.

This swampy area contains about 100 northerns, which are not yet full sized and not ready to be released into Howard Lake proper.

Someone has been removing the slats again this year, which causes the swampy area to drain into the lake, and the loss of the northerns there.

The sportsmen club is asking the public to call the police if anyone is seen at the fish stocking area removing the slats.

The club is also asking for assistance from the public at the other location at the south side of the lake.

There, at a small dam that is on the north side of Highway 12, is a large grill that keeps rough fish from entering Howard Lake on its south side.

Someone has been prying the bars out, which opens the waterway between Mallard Pass and the lake, allowing rough fish into the lake, according to the sportsmen's club. In fact, one year, someone took a hacksaw and cut bars out, causing the sportsmen to pay for welding of the grill back in place.

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