Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, Jan. 14, 2002

Sterner Lighting offices returning 'home'

By Julie Yurek

Sterner Lighting Systems' main office is heading home to Winsted after a four-year absence.

The move is already taking place, Information Systems Manager Dale Maus said.

The positions of some people have moved from the Eden Prairie office back to Winsted's recently remodeled building, Maus said.

Having one building instead of two is better economics and a better way of doing things, he said.

The company hopes to have everyone back in Winsted by the end of February, Maus said.

All the office staff will be in the existing office building.

The expansion to Eden Prairie more than four years ago was because of a vision Sterner Lighting had, Mike Naylor, president and general manager of Sterner Lighting, said.

"They wanted to enter the direct-to-the-contractor market," Naylor said.

"The products that were designed to go into that market, really were not manufacturable in Winsted," Naylor said.

Winsted was going to manufacture part of the product, and a company called Security Lighting in Chicago was going to make the other part.

The office in Eden Prairie was a middle point for both companies and was set up as an ordering center, he said.

When Hubbal bought Security Lighting, the deal was scrapped, so that office in the cities was no longer needed, Naylor said.

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